Your new additional contribution in 2023

We remain below the average additional contribution due to solid financial planning

More than one million insured people trust SBK. Fairness and transparency are part of this trust. That is why we would like to inform our members openly and comprehensibly regarding their adjusted additional contribution rate in 2023.

As you have seen in the media, the government has decided on a comprehensive package of measures to ensure that our healthcare system continues to be securely financed. As one component, the average additional contribution of all statutory health insurance funds was raised by 0.3 percentage points to 1.6% for 2023.

The good news: due to solid financial planning, we will remain below the average additional contribution rate. We are adjusting our additional contribution rate by just 0.2 percentage points. As of January 2023, it will be 1.5%. Employees and pension recipients will only pay half of this.

Due to the adjustment of our additional contribution rate, you may decide to join a different health insurance fund. If you are considering this, the membership application must be submitted to the new health insurance fund by 31 January 2023. From the beginning of January, the current contribution rates of all health insurance companies can then be viewed at

Our promise to you, however, remains unchanged: SBK will continue to be your reliable partner and high-quality provider in the future. The Kundenmonitor 2022 customer survey confirmed this once again – first place for SBK in the overall satisfaction category in the statutory health insurance sector.

You can continue to count on our personal advice and special additional services, such as the special breast cancer screening programme ‘Discovering Hands’, fitness checks and osteopathy.

We are also continuously developing our own digital service, the Meine SBK app, which is always geared to the needs of our policyholders. You too can use this practical app and gain more time for other things.

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