The appropriate health insurance for trainees

With SBK, I have a personal consultant right here where I’m doing my training. Making the switch to SBK at the start of my training was really easy: SBK took care of everything. I think the Bonus Scheme is especially good. I do a lot of sport, and I get a bonus payout at the end of the year as a reward. With SBK, doing something for your health pays off!

Dominic Wolf Trainee

‘We provide trainees with information quickly and simply in a meeting as their partner – or even by email. Young people especially like our Bonus Scheme, which rewards customers who stay fit and take part in sport, and our exclusive services like skin cancer screening for those who are 18 years or older.’

Monika Wicht
personal consultant, Chemnitz

Top services for trainees

SBK Fitness Check

Start off your job healthy and fit.

Take our Fitness Check and get a personalised training programme from a sports medicine practitioner.

Bonus Scheme

Get a little extra pocket money while you do what you do.

Take advantage of preventative services and stay active in the gym or a sports club to enjoy an extra bonus.

Meine SBK

Manage your affairs online with ease

Whether you are at home or on the go, you can sort out lots of things easily through our online service, such as changing your address or contacting your personal consultant directly.

An overview of our services for trainees