Meine SBK ranked amongst top apps


App users were asked to indicate how happy they were with their experience of using a wide range of everyday smartphone apps. After all, the more intuitive a user finds an app, the more often they will use it and the more loyal they will be as a customer. With that in mind, the evaluation asked users to indicate whether smartphone apps have a clear layout, are easy to use and offer a wide range of functions.

A total of 409 apps from 47 sectors were considered. Apps from health insurers and holiday-booking platforms were new additions to the list and Meine SBK walked away with an award, coming in sixth place in the health insurance category and receiving the award for top app.

The specific question asked was: ‘How happy are you overall with your experience of using the following apps on your smartphone? The sector and provider of the app are stated in brackets [...]. Please base your rating on your own experiences over the past 12 months.’

You can find out more about the survey here.