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Meine SBK once again ranked amongst top apps

Meine SBK has been rated as a top app in a major online panel survey run by FOCUS-MONEY in partnership with ServiceValue.

App users were asked to indicate how happy they were with their experience of using a wide range of everyday smartphone apps. A total of 98.844 user opinions about 584 apps from 53 different industries make up the survey. According to FOCUS-MONEY (issue 14/2023), almost every health insurance provider provides its services through an app as well as through other channels. Most of the apps contain additional tips and aids to promote a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can only be achieved, however, if the customer can come to grips with the mini application.

SBK came in seventh place in the health insurance category and received the ‘Top App’ award.

The specific question asked in the survey was: ‘How happy are you overall with your experience of using the following apps on your smartphone? Please base your rating on your own experiences over the past 12 months.’ Respondents could choose from the following answers: ‘excellent’ (1), ‘very good’ (2), ‘good’ (3), ‘neither good nor bad’ (5) and ‘bad’ (5).

You can find out more about the survey here(in German only).