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SBK remains Germany’s most popular statutory health insurer

In a customer survey conducted by the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ), the SBK achieved the top rating for customer satisfaction among the statutory health insurers in the survey.

SBK scored particularly well with policyholders in the area of range of services (rank 1). Service and reliability were also convincing. Members were also satisfied with the health insurer's transparency, with about 83 percent of respondents giving it a positive rating. There was also a high level of willingness to recommend the company to others.

The online survey was based on a total of 2.413 ratings from people who are insured with a statutory health insurer. The panel survey focused on the opinions of insured individuals regarding the categories of customer service, range of services, reliability and transparency. Willingness to recommend and customer complaints also informed the overall ranking. The individual ranking took into account any company about which at least 100 customers had expressed an opinion. This amounted to 23 out of 33 evaluated health insurers.

Note: The survey has been conducted every two years since 2013.

For more details of the study, click here: Website of the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ)