SBK receives German fairness prize

A study by Deutsche Institut für Service-Quality (the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ)) and n-tv has once again confirmed, for the seventh time in a row, that customers rate SBK very highly.

SBK is the overall winner in the ‘statutory health insurers’ category and, in addition to two other health insurers, is among the top three who were awarded the seal of the German fairness prize (‘Deutscher Fairness-Preis’). A total of 834 companies were evaluated in 61 categories for the study, for which 63,513 participants of an online access panel were surveyed over its course (from April to July 2021). The requirement of the survey was that the respondent had contact with the company in the previous 12 months and/or that the respondent used the company’s product(s) during that time.

Consumers assess numerous aspects such as the price structure and reliability of the products, keeping of agreements, fairness in dealing with complaints, completeness and understandability of product information, transparency of contracts and the use of hidden costs and loss-leaders. Additionally, the consumers gave their feelings about recommending the company to others.

You can find out more about the study here..