SBK receives seal for the ‘highest reliability’

As part of a consumer survey, Focus-Money has certified SBK as having the ‘highest reliability’.

For this study, which was carried out for the first time in 2021, more than 130,000 consumer opinions were collected on 803 companies and providers from 51 selected categories and the results were published in the 40/2021 issue of Focus-Money.

SBK has secured the top spot from among the health insurance providers operating throughout Germany, receiving the distinction of the ‘highest reliability’.

The question of the survey was as follows:

‘From your personal experience as a customer, to what extent do you agree that the following providers/companies are reliable in the provision of goods or services? The reliability in the provision of goods or services is shown firstly by the product quality experienced by customers and, for service providers and merchants, also in the way the customer perceives the provision process (result of activities). Furthermore, it is also always dependent upon the preceding promise of provision vis-à-vis the customer.’

Find out more about the survey on the ServiceValuepage.