Security without borders.

Security without borders.

Whether you are planning a short break or a longer stay abroad, a holiday or a business trip – with SBK you are always given optimum cover and provided with the very best information before you even set off. And if the worst should happen, we will help you to quickly find the right medical care locally.

  • Foreign advice: Whether you are going away for a week or a year, our experts will provide you with all the advice you need. They can answer your questions about entry requirements and visas and also provide detailed information about health insurance and social security abroad. For example, you can find out how to safeguard your pension entitlements if you are going to be abroad for a prolonged period.
  • Vaccinations and prophylaxis: After deducting a co-payment, SBK pays the costs of the vital vaccinations you need to protect you during your travels, including to prevent malaria. You can thus protect yourself and travel around safely.
  • SBK foreign health helpline: Our medical experts are also available to help you with any health issues you may have while abroad - every day and around the clock. This allows you, for example, to find a German-speaking or English-speaking doctor near to where you are, or you can get a specialist doctor to call you back to provide a telephone consultation or a second opinion. This gives you the peace of mind that you can contact a competent person who is able to deal with any health issues at any time.
  • Travel health document: The travel health document is free of charge for SBK customers. This provides you with information about your travel destination before you even set off. You receive the best information for your individual needs when it comes to vaccine protection, valuable things to add to your travel first-aid kit, or regional hygiene conditions.
  • European health insurance:Outside of Germany, you enjoy a basic level of statutory insurance in all of the countries in the European Union. This means that you can travel throughout Europe without needing to worry.
  • Attractive additional insurance cover: To provide global protection, we recommend that you take out additional foreign travel health insurance through our cooperation partners ERGO: excellent cover and a 10% discount! This will reimburse additional costs that statutory health insurance funds do not pay. One example is medical repatriation. This is also the best way to ensure that unexpected costs are also covered.

How do you benefit when you travel with SBK?

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