Very well informed.

Very well informed

Find the right doctor or the suitable clinic – you have a free choice from all of the doctors and facilities that we have approved and can contact them directly without going through any third parties. Your treatment is always billed directly through your insurance card. And if you need any assistance with choosing a doctor or arranging an appointment, we will be happy to consult you.

  • SBK health helpline: Is your doctor's diagnosis difficult for you to understand? Would you like an independent second opinion or do you have other pressing questions about your health? Our SBK health helpline provides you with reassurance on medical matters: it provides a direct link to medically trained staff and doctors around the clock, seven days a week.
  • SBK appointments service:  Do you want to arrange a doctor's appointment at short notice? Then take advantage of SBK's telephone appointment search service. We will organise a suitable appointment with specialist doctors in your local vicinity quickly, promptly and conveniently for you. This means you do not have the hassle, you have more time and long waiting times are something you no longer have to contend with.
  • Personal specialist and hospital search: Specific complaints require specialist doctors because the best treatment outcome possible can only be obtained by employing the right treatment methods. The personal consultant helps you to locate a doctor who specialises in your medical situation or a suitable clinic.

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