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Information about SBK in simplified language

SBK (Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse) is the largest company health insurer in Germany. It is one of the largest health insurers. SBK health insurance is available throughout Germany.
Many people are insured with SBK.
Many employees work in SBK branches throughout Germany.
SBK is a strong supportive community. Our customers have been relying on SBK for many years.
This will also be the case in the future.

Customers feel safe with us:

Here you can get information about:

Who we insure

What it costs

What you get

What makes us special

Who we insure

SBK is an open statutory health insurer. Many different people can become members here:

If you are insured with SBK, your children, spouse or registered life partner, for example, can also be insured free of charge under certain conditions. You will receive an electronic healthcare card with your photo if you are a member of SBK.

This healthcare card contains all important data such as:

Show your healthcare card when you visit a doctor, clinic or approved therapist. You can then use all SBK services.

Switching to SBK is easy. Simply call our consultants on this free telephone number: 0800 072 572 570 07.

We can’t wait to welcome you!

What it costs

SBK is a supportive community. Contributions you make are based on your income. It does not matter how healthy you are or what your age or gender is. You will pay less if your income decreases. You will have to pay more if your income increases. There is an upper limit for contributions. This is called the contribution assessment limit.

The important thing is that all our customers receive the same medically necessary services. This is done regardless of the amount of contributions they pay.

Family members of customers are also insured free of charge. This applies under certain conditions.Their contributions go directly to the joint health fund of health insurance companies. SBK receives the necessary funds for your care from this fund.

Our general contribution rate is 15.9 per cent.

This includes an additional contribution of 1.3 per cent.

You can always come to SBK for advice that’s tailored to your needs. We provide high-quality medical care. Quality is very important to us!

What you get

We offer you a great range of services and benefits. By presenting your electronic healthcare card, you have access to all services offered by doctors, dentists, clinics or recognised therapists with whom SBK has a contract. We pay for your medicines or medical aids.

Our consultants will also help you find a suitable doctor, therapist or hospital with whom SBK has a contract. SBK will be happy to support you if you need medical aids.

You will receive sickness benefit from SBK if you are ill for a longer period. You will therefore be financially secure. In certain cases, we also support you with home help. We organise treatments and rehabilitation for you. We pay the costs so that you can recover quickly. We support you with preventative care.

We pay for

These are only a few examples of our services. You can find out more from your personal consultant. First-class advice is also important to us. You have a personal consultant as a member of SBK. Your consultant will advise you on all services and benefits. We are on your side no matter what life situation you are currently in.


You must submit an application in advance for some SBK services. SBK then checks whether we will take over the service for you.

This could be, for example:

We will look for alternatives together if we cannot approve a service.


For some services, co-payments are necessary by law. This can be for medicines or medical aids, for example.

This means that customers cover part of the costs. These co-payments are regulated in the same way for all those insured by statutory health insurance.

You may be exempt from these co-payments under certain circumstances.

Meine SBK

Meine SBK is your personal online self-service branch. This personal online self-service branch can be accessed online at all times.

This means that you can also take care of health insurance matters outside our normal opening hours via the internet.

With Meine SBK, you can do the following things, for example:

What makes us special

We are convinced that quality and human interaction are very important for customers. Personal contact remains very important in difficult situations and when there are health problems. It doesn’t matter how old our customers are or how digital our world is.

Every customer has a personal consultant. Your personal consultant supports you quickly and non-bureaucratically. They offer you solutions that are right for you.

As a corporation under public law, we are not allowed to make a profit. Any profit we make is given back to you. This could be in lower contributions, more services or better quality.

Our actions are also monitored. This is done by the German Federal Office for Social Security and the SBK board of directors. Representatives for customers and SBK employers are part of this board. That gives you peace of mind. You are in good hands with SBK. In emergencies and every day.