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Information on the contents of the SBK website in simplified language

Here you will find information on the contents of the Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse website.

You are now on the website of Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse. For short: SBK.

Our website is called www.sbk.org. www.sbk.org is a URL. The URL is the address of the SBK website. Enter www.sbk.org in your internet browser. You will then get to our website.

You can view the SBK website on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Contents of the website

There are various topics on the SBK website. Customers and prospective clients can find information on these topics.

You can access the information using the main navigation feature (blue) of the SBK website.

You will find information on the following contents on the website:

How to become a member of SBK

Our consulting offers and services

Insurance and tariffs


Meine SBK


Additional navigation feature

Information on how to become a member of SBK

You will learn how to become insured with SBK. Here you can also fill out the membership application form.

You will find our contact information here. You can then contact us. We can help you.

Information about our services

We offer various services for you. The services are in eight areas. These are:

Here you can find out how you can use the services.

Information on insurance and tariffs

Insurance and tariffs is divided into six areas. These are: contributions, family insurance, nursing care insurance, optional tariffs, additional insurance and the electronic healthcare card.

Here you will find information on the SBK insurance contribution. For example, how it is composed and how high your contribution is. You will also learn how different groups of people take out insurance with SBK. These are:

You will also find information on additional insurance policies here. For example:

You will also receive information about the electronic healthcare card. The electronic healthcare card is your insurance card. You can present your insurance card to your doctor. You can then use SBK services.

Information about the SBK magazine

Here you can find out what the SBK magazine is. The magazine consists of many articles. You will find articles about various topics.

From this page, you can also access the SBK magazine.

Meine SBK information

Meine SBK is your personal online self-service branch. Here SBK customers can take care of many health insurance issues themselves via the internet.

Here you will find information about your personal online self-service branch. For example, what your personal online self-service branch is and what functions it offers. You will also find out how to register for it.

Information about the contact possibilities

Here you will find information on how to contact SBK. You can contact a personal consultant. Here you will find the contact details.

You can also visit or call an SBK branch near you. Here you will find the address and telephone number.

Additional navigation feature

Above the main navigation feature (blue) there is another navigation feature. The navigation feature is divided into seven areas. These are:

You can use this additional navigation feature to quickly access the areas here.