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SBK Account

The comprehensive access to digital healthcare

What is quite practical: Instead of a lot of login details, the SBK Account gives you comprehensive access to the digital services Meine SBK, the SBK electronic health record and the E-Rezept (e-prescription) app. This makes it particularly easy for you. Just register once and enjoy all the benefits of the digital services quickly and conveniently. It goes without saying that your sensitive data is reliably protected.

Content of this page:

How to get an SBK Account

  1. New registration
  2. Device registration
  3. Identification

How the SBK Account works

Frequently asked questions about the SBK Account

How to get an SBK Account

1. Your registration

Simply create your user account when you register in Meine SBK or the SBK electronic health record. Have your SBK healthcare card to hand. Enter the following data:

With these details your SBK Account will be created. Please activate your SBK Account now. Check your online mailbox now and confirm your email address. You can now log into the online service you want (Meine SBK, SBK electronic health record or E-Rezept app) with your health insurance number and password.

This login corresponds to a so-called 1-factor authentication (1FA), with which, for security reasons, only part of the scope of digital services can be used.

In order to be able to use all online services, two-factor authentication (2FA) is required, which you will receive in the next steps “Device registration’ and “Identity verification’.

2. Device registration

Register a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) for your SBK Account. To do so, you assign a one-time app code, which consists of six digits. Make sure you remember your app code, as you need it regularly to be able to use protected online services.

We recommend: In this step, activate the biometrics for the app code. For example, the future app code entry for 2FA login will be replaced by face or touch ID.

Convenient: You can also register other mobile devices for complete flexibility. You can find out how to do this under “Device sharing”.

3. Identity verification

Your sensitive data is given special protection. This is why the law prescribes secure identification procedures. You can choose between digital and analogue identification methods:

Digital identifications

Analogue identifications

How the SBK Account works

The SBK Account gives you comprehensive access to the digital services Meine SBK, SBK electronic health record and E-Rezept app. The SBK Account login details consist of:




1FA login

By entering your health insurance number and password, you can log in using what is known as 1-factor authentication (1FA). For security reasons, the 1FA login allows you to use part of the scope of digital services. Particularly sensitive data requiring special protection is not displayed with the 1FA login.

Tip: Feel free to use an external password manager for a very convenient login. In this way, the password manager takes care of entering your password for you. Some password managers can also be used with biometrics, which makes it child’s play.

Convenient within Meine SBK: You remain automatically logged in for 6 months. Only if you explicitly log out, 1FA login is required the next time you visit.

2FA login

In order to be able to use protected online services and view sensitive data too, the login with two-factor authentication (2FA login) is required. After the 1FA login, enter the user-defined app code. If biometrics was activated for the app code when registering the device, this is child’s play.

Forgotten login details for the SBK Account

Forgotten your login details – this can happen to anyone. Stay calm, as you will be guided through this step by step.

Blocked account

Device sharing for the use of multiple devices

You can register as many mobile devices as you like (smartphones and tablets) for the SBK Account, so that the protected services can be used on all registered devices. This gives you a lot more flexibility. Once the first mobile device has been successfully registered, the other devices are registered by means of so-called device sharing.

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