Welcome to Germany

We congratulate you on your decision to start working in Germany! This kind of decision involves many chances – and many challenges. You, and possibly your family as well, must cope with a new environment.

We, SBK, would like to make your start in our country as easy as possible. Therefore we will be happy to guide and advise you on all of the questions you might have relating to health, health insurance cover and social insurance in Germany. Especially because you need a competent and reliable partner in these matters – a partner such as Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse.

All jobholders in Germany can choose SBK for their statutory health insurance, irrespective of their employer! Our team of experts, which specially serves our foreign insurants, knows your particular needs and advises you regarding all questions relating to health, health insurance cover and social insurance.

We wish you a great start!

Good to have you here. 

Anja Büchner, SBK personal consultant

The German health system

While you live in Germany, you are able to enjoy the safety and protection provided by one of the strongest social systems in the world - of which SBK is a part.
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Why SBK?

SBK is a special health insurance - you not only benefit from comprehensive insurance cover, but also from having a personal contact, who advocates for you.
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My insurance

You and your family are in good hands with SBK. From your choice of doctor to our Bonus Scheme – find out here to what extent we are on your side by providing comprehensive benefits and services.
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