Personal Specialist and Hospital Search

Deciding which doctor you would like to go to is basically your choice. Looking for a suitable specialist? Then simply use the Personal Specialist and Hospital Search with the help of you personal client advisor. This way you'll quickly find specialised and competent doctors and hospitals in your vicinity and save a lot of time.

Appointments Service

You may also prefer to have us make an appointment for you. Simply enter your desired days and times of day online or via phone, and we will report back to you within two days with a suitable appointment. Practical: You can use the SBK Appointments Service in English as well as in other languages such as Greek, Russian and Turkish.

Outpatient and inpatient treatment

As an SBK client, you decide yourself whether you want to be an outpatient or prefer stationary treatment. Many people – especially children – recover quicker at home than in a hospital ward.

Your SBK advantages:

Classical and alternative medicine

It's all about your health. Therefore you decide how you want to be treated. Simply talk to your personal client advisor about your options.

Medication and remedies

As an SBK member you'll receive everything you need for a quick recovery.

Occupational accident

In the case of an accident at work or on your way to work the relevant professional association or accident insurance (Unfallkasse) bears all costs of medical and non-medical rehabilitation measures. Moreover, it will protect you from financial losses caused by temporary inability to work or permanent occupational disability by paying injury compensation.

An occupational accident is any kind of accident suffered during practising the insured activity. This includes also, for example, accidents of pupils while at school. 

This regulation only applies to employees. As a self-employed person who had an accident at work, we kindly ask you to contact us directly for guidance.

Inability to work

You can't go to work – for example, because you have the flu? For such events there is a safety net in Germany. After all, you should be able to recover at home. It is, however, important that you immediately report yourself sick with your employer. Within a certain period of time (mostly from the third day) your employer will expect a sick note issued by a doctor. You will receive the note in triplicate. The copy without diagnose must be sent to your employer. The second one will have to go to SBK and the third one is for your records. Usually your salary will be paid by your employer for up to six weeks. After that period SBK will pay the so-called sickness benefit. This is calculated based on your previous income and can be paid up to one and a half years for one condition. A tip: If you don't want to mail your sick note to SBK, you can download an app called "Dokument Direkt" free of charge and transfer it quickly and easily.