Personal Specialist and Hospital Search

Find the right specialist for your needs with SBK

We all know the story: your GP gives you a referral but you have no idea where to take it? You’ve already been to a specialist but would like a second opinion? You’re pregnant and looking for a birth centre? You might even be looking for a specialist paediatrician? 

Your personal consultant is always ready and waiting to help when you are in need of a specialist or a hospital to provide treatment or carry out an examination. When you’re looking for a specialist or a hospital, your personal consultant has access to an exclusive database containing comprehensive information on precisely these services. This means you can be sure of receiving personalised suggestions that are tailored to suit your needs – or those of your child – to allow you to choose the most appropriate doctor or hospital.

Personal Specialist and Hospital Search – your SBK benefits

How to use the Personal Specialist and Hospital Search

Your personal consultant is your direct point of contact. They will help you find a specialist or specialist hospital. Just get in touch whenever you need – they’re always happy to be of service!

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